A Colorful life

Dave Matthews Band – Where Are You Going

Quote of the Post by Dale E. Turner

Dreams are renewable. No matter what our age or condition, there are still untapped possibilities within us and new beauty waiting to be born.

It’s MAY already!!! It’s my favorite month! Why? you may ask ^_^ (act as if you are curious please) Because it’s a colorful month. It’s SPRING, but you may said April is the start of Spring. It’s May for it is the month where my life begins. (hint…hint…)

Somehow I missed posting in April right? Let see, it was midterm month for CA. 🙂 Also, it is a Spring-break month. My friend and I went to San Francisco for a tour. Since my best friend said that all her life living in California, she has never seen a Golden Grate Bridge before! Well, she did, and we also went to jail. Hah did I scare you? I meant, we went to Alcatraz Island. We also went to Japanese Tea Garden. It was a great experience. I would recommend it.

Anyway, back to Spring Talking, I do hope you enjoy the pictures I found below. Again, I can not give credit as to who designed them for it was long time ago.


There’s a hint of India spice in this room.


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