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Elle Decoration

Enjoy ^_^

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I don’t remember where I downloaded these interior decoration pictures. However, its owner is Ella Decoration magazine. If you notice enough, you will see an Asian sensation in its decoration. >.< ( I’m trying to do a wink, but I don’t know how to type it!)

How come I don’t get any comment? 😦

^ I thought the bookshelves is well decorated!! It doesn’t look clutter, however, it does beautifully give the impression of a chaotic and an exciting life style. As for the white sofa, the warm appearance of the red blanket and pillow make me want to sit there forever. hahhaa and the Asian feeling is India? hahhaa

^ The picture makes me feel like “I’m classy, yet I’m a queen of the jungle, so beware!” Who would have thought blue and zebra pattern match so well with each other.

Look at the fire place!! It’s a buddha/ buddhism. Do you know that buddha is actually a real person? similar to Jesus!! I’m not comparing, what I meant is that his story is point five percents similar to Jesus’s story.

Do you know that buddha is a he? not a she? I bet his hair style tricked you hahhaa

Here is the story:

Gautama Buddha.

Gautama, whose personal name according to later sources was Siddhartha, was born in the city of Lumbini[6], in a part of Ancient India within the borders of present-day Nepal, and was raised in Kapilavastu.[7] The traditional story of his life is as follows; little of this can be regarded as established historical fact. Born a prince, his father, King Suddhodana, was supposedly visited by a wise man shortly after Siddhartha was born and told that Siddhartha would either become a great king (chakravartin) or a holy man (Sadhu). Determined to make Siddhartha a king, the father tried to shield his son from the unpleasant realities of daily life. Despite his father’s efforts, at the age of 29, he discovered the suffering of his people, first through an encounter with an elderly man. On subsequent trips outside the palace, he encountered various sufferings such as a diseased man, a decaying corpse, and a monk or an ascetic. These are often termed ‘The Four Sights.’[8]

Gautama, deeply depressed by these four sights, sought to overcome old age, illness, and death by living the life of an ascetic. Gautama escaped his palace, leaving behind this royal life to become a mendicant. For a time on his spiritual quest, Buddha “experimented with extreme asceticism, which at that time was seen as a powerful spiritual practice…such as fasting, holding the breath, and exposure of the body to pain…he found, however, that these ascetic practices brought no genuine spiritual benefits and in fact, being based on self-hatred, that they were counterproductive.”[9]

After abandoning asceticism and concentrating instead upon meditation and, according to some sources, Anapanasati (awareness of breathing in and out), Gautama is said to have discovered what Buddhists call the Middle Way—a path of moderation that lies mid-way between the extremes of self-indulgence and self-mortification. He accepted a little milk and rice pudding from a village girl and then, sitting under a pipal tree or Sacred fig, (Ficus religiosa), now known as the Bodhi tree in Bodh Gaya,[10][11] he vowed never to arise until he had found the Truth. His five companions, believing that he had abandoned his search and become undisciplined, left. After 49 days meditating, at the age of 35, he attained bodhi, also known as “Awakening” or “Enlightenment” in the West. After his attainment of bodhi he was known as Buddha or Gautama Buddha and spent the rest of his life teaching his insights (Dharma).[12] According to scholars, he lived around the fifth century BCE, but his more exact birthdate is open to debate.[13] He died around the age of 80 in Kushinagara (Pali Kusinara) (India).[14]


^ I love white and the wood!! The contrast offers a liveliness appearance. Saves Paint!! My parents are Chinese/Vietnamese, so they hated white furniture! I brought a new white/creamy cover seat for my dinning chairs from Ikea. My parents told me to exchange for a red one for they thought it looks like a funeral and red means good luck. hahhaha I was disappoint, and I kept on wishing that my parents were Japanese! hahaha Do you know that Japanese favorite color is white? Look at the lantern!! They prefer white in most ceremonies! What will happen at a Japanese and Chinese wedding? Red vs. White.

^Simple yet elegant? Or is it “I went all out with the STOVE, therefore, all I can afford is a rustic wooden dinning table and chair?” Look at the chrystal light! I can’t find any Asian appearance in it. Can you?

^ I can see a lot of Asian decoration in here!! There is a TV cabinet, then there is a giant tea pot!! Can you spot it? White furniture mix with Chinese fur.? I guess the designer is not a hardcore Chinese!!

Thank you for reading it!


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My next favorite dream tour is …… drum roll….. COSTA RICA – TABACON, ARENAL is in north-western of Costa Rica with hot spring, rain forest and Arenal Volcano.

“Once locally known as Cerro Arenal (i.e. Mount Arenal) it was presumed extinct until July 29, 1968 when an earthquake caused it to erupt, after approximately 400 years of dormancy. The eruption wiped out the town of Arenal and killed 87 people [1]. It lasted for several days, and during that time destroyed crops, property, livestock, and forests. 15 square kilometers were buried and the explosion affected over 232 square kilometers. The eruption caused three new and active craters to form. Before the eruption, there was a wide veriety of plant and wildlife on the mountain. It has been active since the explosion and can be reported to have minor eruptions every 5-10 minutes.

Arenal rises 1657 metres above sea level and overlooks Lake Arenal; both are part of Arenal Volcano National Park. The country’s most active volcano, Arenal’s eruptions are strombolian in type, being frequent but moderate and can be viewed without danger as long as the viewers are behind the safety perimeter. This constant activity and minimal endangerment makes Arenal a popular tourist destination, especially at night (See image), because the lava and incandescent rocks make a spectacular sight. The last major eruption of Arenal occurred on August 23, 2000. Most of the time, the volcano is surrounded by clouds near the tip, and it is touted as good luck to see the whole volcano without clouds. The volcano heats several hot springs nearby, including Tabacon, a popular tourist destination.This is one of seven historically active Costa Rican volcanoes: Poás, Irazú, Miravalles, Orosí, Rincón de la Vieja [complex], and Turrialba.” <<<<— BY WIKIPEDIA.ORG



From what I also read on yahoo travel is that a resort place “Tabacon Hot Springs Resort And Spa” had a mixed review. Some said the hotel were nice, but it was too crowed with not much quietness like the pictures. The services were considerable rude to some travelers. Some even ended off paying double the original price. Therefore, it maybe better to go to other cheaper hotel and pay for the hot spring. Here’s the link to the review.;_ylt=Aix_iVYuX8BGgkYT199Ahsf8xmoA

As for the place itself, people had said that the place is best for couple and best to go in green season and one must avoid rainy season. The town market was a great place for shopping and food. However, the volcano can only be seen at most 35 times a year according to the local. You can also pay for a tour or travel by Cruise or drive from San Jose which is three hours drive.

ENJOY ^__^

La Fortuna Waterfall taken by neilio

taken by loveroflife

taken by dgano31

taken by rick

taken by jpencarnaci

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