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Merry Christmas ^__^

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It is a tradition in my family to buy a Christmas Log with Roasted Duck every year!  How about you? Do you keep your family tradition?

Too bad I have to work today!  Well, have yourself a wonderful Christmas and full of Joy!!!

Tiramisu for Christmas

Buche de Noel – jeffmgosche

by alana hohgson


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Wooden House

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ENJOY ^_^   …..

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Got a Cold?

Here’s a remedy for your common cold! I’ll look the recipes up when I’m done with finals. Since I’m so exhausted with all the tests and lack of sleep, I thought I should post something warm. I guess it’s easier to swallow for the sick. Imagine your bf or gf is sick; they would love to have one of these soup right? Enjoy ^__^

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There are two songs in this, so check out the second one too.  It may not be your preference, but sometime different is good right?  I hope 🙂


Boston New England Clam Chowder – by thai chu. Check out the unique crackers!! How cute!

Vietnamese Congee/Porridge- by rippyz. Usually this is a Chinese/Vietnamese breakfast, but it does cure the common cold. This soup can be combine with any kind of meat or fish.

Congee by TrekkerPanda

It’s green/yellow guess what is it? Look there’s a hint in the picture!! Of course, It’s broccoli and cheese by gioJL.

And here’s a Japanese Miso Soup. This soup can be accompany with any course of meal or fresh white rice. Again, if you get choke by a surprise announcement during meal time, miso soup will fix it for you. Tadahh… Miso to the rescue!!

Pumpkin soup by la tartine gourmande and Yes, I know Halloween / Thanksgiving have passed. Why does it have to be a Holiday to eat Pumpkin soup? According to some people I know….

Chili Tofu Soup by weione. Recently, as some of my dear readers may know, the start of Korean Waves/ Korean Soap Oprah have many fans tracking/ attacking the Korean Tofu house, so they can get at least a taste of what they see on the drama. Who would have thought this soup tasted better in real life.

Beet Borsch by NAMINAMI. Borscht is a vegetable soup from Eastern European, which is traditionally cooked including beetroot as a main ingredient which gives it a strong red color. Correct me if I’m wrong, it is a cold soup with sour cream.

French Onion Soup by nikoriana. This is the modern version in which originates in France in the 17th century. Onion soups have been popular at least as far back as Roman times. They were, throughout history, seen as food for the poor people, as onions were plentiful and easy to grow. Legend has it that the soup was created by King Louis XV of France. Late one night, he discovered he only had onions, butter and champagne at his hunting lodge, so he mixed them together to create the first French onion soup. – wikipedia. Don’t you feel better already? Eating the King’s recipe! Cheesy too!! Yum.

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Lack of Space for a Kitchen?

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Battery of Life

Since it’s near final, I thought a few doses of coffee will cure your tiredness!!! Study Hard!!!

Enjoy ^_^ the music and coffees!!

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I Need an Inspiration!!

I wish I could tell you that I’m an artist who’s lacking of Inspiration; however, I’m not any kind of artist, but rather I’m just an ordinary college student who needs some excitements in life and in school.

Have you had times when you felt so low, so sad, so desperate, and so afraid of how you were ever going to make it in life or the next day?

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