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Ikea Livingroom – Enjoy ^__^



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Ikea bedroom

Enjoy ^__^


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Accessorise Your Plant Pot

First thing you need is a plant pot, upholstery fabric , and woven string.

1005_1010_8.jpg 1005_1010_7.jpg

Cut the fabric in whatever pattern you prefer as long as you can wrap around the pot.

Finally tight it nicely in a knot.

Ta-dah, Such a nice indoor plant pot. ^__^


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White Rustic Decor

The interior is decorates with neutral, white, and gray with one or so few bold color accessories that blend perfectly with the interior. hahahaa I sound like an expert. Enjoy ^__^446285411_59d0ff7172_o.jpg


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WELL, I’m so depress right now. I have lost half of my stuffs tears.gif because of my frequent forgetfulness.


Does it happen to you too?
How can you improve it? Write down note!! I’ve just started it. hm… where is my note book hahha
Is there anything you can eat to improve your memorization? such as peanuts.. i heard

Anyway, because of this, I always have to go back to my house at least twice whenever i’m leaving. So often that my parents just leave the door open so i don’t have to unlock it.
I don’t intend to do this at all. I have always check before leaving if i forget to bring anything. Even my neighbor apartment know it too since the door is pretty crappy.

Today! Yes…Today while cleaning through my purse = I found out that i just had lost my Credit Card from yesterday shopping. I think I forget to get it back from the cashier.

Also Today, I just remember that i forget to get my jeans from 1 or 2 months ago from the sewer. (i’m short so my jeans are always cut up/trim -how do you say it?)

Sadly, I have no evident of what color, how many pants or jeans it was nor the receipt. So I guess my money was wasted.

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Cloud 9

White bed-sheet for me is a great comfort especially in the fall season, but it does get expensive. 300 counts? for $300? @ Macy’s. @_@    .  Enjoy ^_^



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The Wooden kitchen

Wood? I would prefer a glass window rather than a wooden wall . However, I would keep the dish dryer rack 🙂


Enjoy ^__^

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